Fire Protection

Fire Safety Bill

Tetraclad continue to provide ongoing professional development presentations and current topics include awareness of the implications of the Fire Safety Act, which has now been implemented and the Building Safety Bill which will become an Act in 2023. These two Bills will change the way we operate within the construction industry and implement new governance


Summary of Amendments to Building Regulations

In June 2022 the Government issued an update to the Building (Amendment) 2022 Regulations and changes have been made to Approved Document B relating to external walls, which will come into force on 1st December 2022. To say that these changes add complexity to the understanding of the regulations and guidance is an understatement. In


Adrian Buckmaster – Member I Fire E, Dip Mgmt

Adrian formed Tetraclad in 2015 with his co-directors Michael Turnwell, Matt Swaffer and Ben Lockerby having spent many years in the industry. His experience comes from having been operational for seven years in the West Midlands Fire Service, fifteen years, both supply and contracting, in the Passive Fire Protection Industry and nineteen years in the

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